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Welcome to Carbon Credit Integrators, Inc. an international leader in the global market of sourcing, brokering, trading, acquiring, supplying and selling carbon credits. Carbon Credit Integrators can provide millions of dollars worth of carbon credits to your corporation rapidly through our established asset base of companies with credits currently available.

We assist business entities with requirements in the existing carbon market and pilot and guide their way through the ever-changing carbon credit marketplace. Our offices are headquartered in Tampa Florida and we have divisions in Europe, South America, North America and Asia. We are a publicly traded company under the symbol UGYM.

Key Factors in Selecting the Right Carbon Credit Provider For YOU;
  • Look for independently owned and operated carbon credit traders.
  • Make informed decisions before you purchase carbon credits.
  • Ensure your Carbon Credit Broker works for You without a hidden agenda.
  • Look for a company with a wide range of carbon credits in its portfolio.
  • The intelligent leverage of carbon credits does not always have to do with price.
  • Look for a company involved in every aspect of the the evolving carbon marketplace.

Our Core Competency is the trading of carbon credits. We oversee all aspects of  credits-related transactions. Our clients receive a combined package of services and enjoy a fully vertically integrated solution when it comes to buying and selling carbon credits.

Carbon Credit Integrators oversees every element of the carbon credit transfer, researches the best options for you, provides concise and consistent information and is detail-focused.  We assist in sourcing, selecting and resolving which credits to buy and identify carbon credit sellers with sterling track records of transparency, accountability and financial integrity.

Whether your corporation needs a one-time transaction, a 50-year structured carbon credit acquisition strategy or a longer term structured supply agreement which can include forward carbon contracts, Carbon Credit Integrators’ has the ability to create the right deal at the right time at the right value.

Our fee is all-inclusive based on the total value of the transaction. We charge only one fee. There are no hidden fees, extra charges or billings that apply. The rate structure of our fees can be found here.

Other Carbon Credit brokers can negatively affect the quality, timeliness and effectiveness of your carbon credit purchase by originating their our own offsets, conducting audits of your company or measuring your company’s carbon footprint. We do none of that. Our policy is straightforward; We will simply help you buy the most cost effective carbon credits available on the market – Credits to meet your organization’s specific detailed needs; “The Right Credits For The Right Company.”