About Us

The US Guaranty of America Corporation (UGYM.PK) is a publicly traded company in the United States that is in business of emission reduction and Carbon Credit brokering.


While developing the infrastructure of several energy-related business opportunities, US Guaranty of America puts a strong investment emphasis on renewable and clean energy sources including solar, wind, geothermal and oceanic energy developments.

A strong believer in environmentally sound practices and principles, US Guaranty of America Corporation is consistently researching, exploring and developing business opportunities to take advantage of its propriety technologies.

We understand the need to develop renewable sources of energy around the globe, US Guaranty of America Corporation also understands the need to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and limit carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

While new technologies are still in the research and development stage, US Guaranty of America believes in the push for nuclear energy in the 21st century as an intermediary energy solution while advanced solar and renewable energy sources are tested and proven in the field.

Our team of scientists and researchers consistently produce documentation and research papers on new and exciting ways of extracting maximum energy solutions from a wide range of energy possibilities. Through our acquisition of part ownership in a major uranium mining claim in Canada, we are assertively exploring all options when it comes to supplying energy resources in a timely and cost efficient manner.For more information on our Energy Portfolio of Project, please contact the investor relations inquiry department of US Guaranty of America Corporation.


While in recent years the mining industry saw commodity prices rise, and profits follow, the global economic downturn changed things over a period of months. We invest in promising companies holding mineral deposits and mine developments. These are often in remote areas and host governments and other stakeholders often have stringent requirements for mining companies.

These requirements on top of normal business challenges, such as commodity price movements, efficiency of operations, optimizing taxes, environmental, health and safety, and community needs, ensure that mining is challenging for all industry participants. Unprecedented demand, primarily driven by Asia, continues.
New supply is coming on stream for many commodities, but is struggling to catch demand, partially as a result of under investment in the 1990s. Mining companies around the world are responding to these challenges through innovative strategies – seeking new capital resources, technological improvements, and consolidation. US Guaranty of America Corporation prides itself on adhering to strict benchmarks when recommending investments in this sector.