Nestor C. Buenflor

  • Has his corporate trainings mostly in North America in the Business Development side of the TECHNOLOGY and TELECOM SECTOR. He has Business Development, Technology and Corporate Solutions trainings including seminars — when he was previously based in North America — from IBM, Microsoft, Compaq-Digital, and other technology corporations that provide End-to-End Corporate Solutions to top Fortune 100 Corporations in the world.
  • He had previously done Business Consultation activities for Asian mining companies on Merger and Acquisitions along with North American corporations.
  • He worked with The GEORGE WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY in Washington DC and before that he acquired comprehensive research trainings from the Maharishi University of Management of Iowa, USA that also include vital seminars and knowledge sessions at Maharishi European Research University in Netherlands.

Gregorio Buenaflor Brual, jr.

  • Earned his Post-Graduate Honors Degree in CHEMICAL ENGINEERING from BROCK UNIVERSITY in CANADA, he has written Scientific Works where which some of them were published in “The Journal of Chemical Physics”– Volume 69, Issue 3, pp 1177-1183, “Rare Gas Interactions Using Improved Statistical Methods” & in “The Chemical Physics Letters” Volume 61, Issue 1, pp 167-170, “H Atom — Rare Gas Interaction Potentials from an Electron Gas Model” as copyrighted by The American Institute of Physics.
  • He has valuable experiences in Research and Development as well as Industrial Plant Planning, Development, & Management from TOP 50 FORTUNE COMPANIES in the world. He also has Corporate Executive credentials from well-known multi-national corporations based in the United States of America and Canada.
  • He is advisor to the CEO on the APPLICATION of SOPHISTICATED TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS based on the latest know-how available in the world.

Nader Kharouba

  • H.Sc.Geology / M.Sc. Geochemistry & Geology — Heavy Metals, Ph.D. Candidate in Geochemistry
  • He has an Honors of Science Degree in GEOLOGY strengthened by his Masters of Science Degrees in GEOCHEMISTRY and GEOLOGY (Heavy Metals). Currently he is a Candidate for a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in GEOCHEMISTRY from the  TRENT UNIVERSITY of CANADA. He has done years of focus on Scientific Research on  the Studies of the Effect of GEO-CHEMICALS in the
  • As a Research Scientist he is very keen on the development of Methods and Strategies on how to intelligently use, extract, and enhance GEO-MINERALS while maintaining High Level of Concerns for the Environment and the population surrounding Mining and Industrial Activities.
  • As an Intelligent Use of the Environment Advocate, he is advisor to the CEO on the SCIENTIFIC APPROACH to INTELLIGENTLY USE all the GEOLOGICAL RESOURCES of the world where enhanced BUSINESS ECONOMICS of Global Industries and the World Population will both share the benefits available to uplift Standards of Life.

Jackie O. Thomas, Ph.D.

  • With a Doctor of Public Administration Degree and an accumulated experience as Program Strategist of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for many years, she has served many people of different cultural backgrounds improve their economic situations.
  • She was a Professor of Political Science and Sociology where now she is doing teaching activities in FLORIDA, USA in other field of studies.
    As an Expert in Modelling Strategies on Economic Development Program, she has improved the lives of many communities in different countries in Asia, Africa, South America, Central America, and other places that need assistance.
  • She is advisor to the CEO on the APPLICATION of ECONOMIC SOLUTIONS to communities directly involved in areas of implementation of Mining Development.

Li Zhao Qian, D.Sc.

  • With a Doctor of Science Degree and a very respected working background as a Senior Diplomat with CHINA FOREIGN MINISTRY, Dr. LI advises the CEO on the Business Ethics and Cultural Approach to appropriately deal with the fastest growing economy in the world — which is his country, CHINA.
  • DR. Li enjoys a very High Regard from the Chinese people and his connections including his extensive network of organizations in the whole territory of CHINA, is a tremendous asset to this corporation.
  • DR. Li is a very sincere person and he performs his job very diligently and that can be proven by his long dedicated service as a Senior Diplomat with the China Foreign Ministry where he have had professional dealings with different citizens of world and cultural understanding of every country where he has been assigned to perform his task as a Chinese Senior Diplomat.

Benvenuto N. Icamina

  • He has extensive experience in corporate solutions as VICE-PRESIDENT of the well respected economic research institution in the Asia-Pacific region — The WALLACE BUSINESS FORUM —
  • His economics acumen is deep and well versed which developed from years of involvement with highly regarded institutions like USAID, IMF, The World Bank, The Asian Development Bank, and other multi-national corporations.
  • He has a Masters Degree in Economics from the UNIVERSITY of the PHILIPPINES and more than 25 years of direct practice on Applications of Economic Solutions to private and public sectors which include his works with BNP Paribas and the National Economic Development Authority of the Philippines.

Apollo X.C.S. Sangalang

  • As a CORPORATE LAWYER and a Professor of Law, he formerly worked in the Executive Committee of the National Labor
    Relations Commission of the Department of Labor of the Philippine Government.
  • With his proficiency in dealing with Labor Oriented Solutions, he uses his Organizational Communication Skills in developing Legislative Laws as Legislative Consultant and a former Chief-of-Staff in the Philippine Senate — the Upper House Lawmaking Body.
  • He also has broad understanding of Corporate Finance and can easily develop various modes of Solutions that are angled on Corporate Tax Presentations, Effective Budget Developments, Corporate Risk Management, Revenue Promotion, Project Management and Re-structuring, and other aspects that involve growth and expansion.

Nancy Castillo Cusi Buenaflor

  • She has been well-trained in the United States of America in the aspect of Customer Relations Management and Marketing. with years of experience in dealing with individuals in every walks of life in a very challenging Market Environment, she has improved her skills in properly dealing with Critical Situations and quickly perform trouble-shooting and appropriate management quick-fix for such incidental matters.
  • She has studied B.S. Public Relations at SANTA ISABEL COLLEGE in the Philippines and has a Degree in Business Management from TAMPA COLLEGE of Florida, USA. She also acquired Degrees in Nursing and in Surgery Technology  from FLORIDA METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY, USA. Her years of Customer Related Managerial experience is a useful contribution to the success of implementing the Missions and Visions of this corporation.

Candice M. Herrera

Deputy CIO
  • With a Master of Science in Management Degree from the UNIVERSITY of ASIA and the PACIFIC (formerly Center for Research and Communications), she refined her skills as a member of the Events Team of the BUSINESS and ECONOMICS CLUB. She has professional marketing training from one of the Philippines’ Largest Real Estate Development Organization.

Ma. Junalee T. Demerin

  • She has well developed knowledge on Structural and Systems flow through her experience as Computer Engineer and Information Systems Expert. With vast know-how on Systems and Organizational Solutions she contributes to the seamless Strategy Flow of any Project Implementation involving State-of-the-Art Infrastructure Development.
  • Her experience include Design and Development of Simulation Concepts for Civil and Structural Engineering, Mechanical and
  • Industrial Engineering, Chemical Plants and Geological Engineering, Corporate Engineering that include the details of all Business
    Processing from Data Mining and Management, Accounting and Auditing, Customer Relations Management, up to Supply-Chain Management.


Deputy CTO
  • An experienced and practicing GEOLOGIST formerly connected with the National Power Corporation of the Philippines, she works as Consultant of corporations who need Environmental Compliance Program Certification with which she has developed numerous project strategies that PASSED Legal and Technical Compliance on Environmental Impact — mostly for those corporations in the Mining Sector.