US Guaranty of America Corporation owns 40 million shares of International Energy Ltd., Inc.

INTERNATIONAL ENERGY LTD., INC. was incorporated under the laws of the State of California in 1995 as the Pacific Coast Apparel Co., Inc. until 7-05, the name of the Company was changed to BDW Holdings, Ltd. until 3-06 and moved it’s domicile to the State of Florida with the name International Energy Group, Inc. then later changed its name on November 2009 to INTERNATIONAL ENERGY LTD., INC., to more accurately reflect present business purposes. The Company is in its development stage. The company acquired a 50% interest in a Uranium Mining Claim in Saskatchewan, Canada.

International energy Ltd, Co., is currently in Development Stage but will start conducting cooperation with the Operators of the URANIUM MINING CLAIMS as Uranium Ore Supplier to the market.

The company is in the business of supplying Uranium Ore to different sectors like the several Governments and Private Energy Sectors.

The Principal product is ENERGY related Minerals to be supplied to the Market such as Uranium Ore and Coal Ores. The company will act as a “DIRECT SUPPLIER-CONDUIT COMPANY” rather than Mining Operator in cooperation with the producers although its strategy is to own Energy related Mineral Properties.